UCmeetS - Corporate secure server for organizing video conferencing 

UCmeetS is a Russian software video server created on Linux OS for installation and deployment in the customer's infrastructure and client applications on Windows, Linux, Mac OS, iOS, Android and UC.OS. With UCmeetS, you can quickly create or supplement your own corporate unified communications (UC) system in any organization for meetings, negotiations, consultations, online training, etc. UCmeetS can be deployed at your enterprise and work in a local network without access to the Internet. UCmeetS significantly improves the efficiency of employee interaction in workgroups, providing high-quality video communication and a set of collaboration tools: desktop and application demonstration, whiteboard, chat, polls and polls, file sharing, video conference recording. UCmeetS, according to customer needs, can be supplied with additional encryption and data protection modules.


UCaaS is Unified Communications as a Service  

UCaaS offers a single point of control for all business communication channels. UCaaS solutions cover areas such as audio and video conferencing, chat, SMS, as well as customer service center functions, etc.

UCaaS is based in the cloud. The user does not need to deal with the infrastructure. The UCaaS service provider will manage the system, including its maintenance, security, and configuration. Employees of the company can use any channels of business communication, wherever they are: UCaaS provides communication on any computer or mobile device with Internet access.