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UCaaS is Unified Communications as a Service

UCaaS offers a single point of control for all business communication channels. UCaaS solutions cover areas such as audio and video conferencing, chat, SMS, as well as customer service center functions, etc.

UCaaS is based in the cloud. The user does not need to deal with the infrastructure. The UCaaS service provider will manage the system, including its maintenance, security, and configuration. Employees of the company can use any channels of business communication, wherever they are: UCaaS provides communication on any computer or mobile device with Internet access.


Unified Communications (UC) is a complex combination of different ways of communication that modern businesses use to work. UC components include:

  • audio and video conferences (including through web conferences);

  • telephony;

  • chats, SMS and MMS;

  • file and screen sharing;

  • email and voice mail;

  • contact and call management;

  • speech and face recognition;

  • collaboration tools.

As-a-Service means that specific technical needs are met through purchased services accessed through the cloud. Communications as a service is very popular, as the customer enjoys all the benefits of the unified communications platform, as well as the latest technologies offered by the market, while the system infrastructure is maintained by the UCaaS provider.

Also, significant advantages of UCaaS include scalability, as well as the ability to quickly recover in emergency situations. The service provider will save the system settings even in the event of unpredictable weather or power outages.

Benefits of UCaaS Solutions

Many (if not most) companies will benefit from implementing UCaaS solutions due to the following benefits of this model.

Reduced system maintenance costs


UCaaS solutions are based in the cloud, which allows you to save without loss of functionality not only on installation and maintenance of the system, but also on utility and rental payments, data center management costs, the cost of providing equipment to new users, etc.

Extensive opportunities for organizing remote work

The capabilities of UCaaS are far superior to traditional telephony. In order to stay in touch with the office and clients without unified communications, remote workers often have to use a large number of inconsistent communication tools and even acquire special equipment for video conferencing, customer support or other tasks. With a stable Internet connection, with UCaaS, employees can perform their duties from any location without inconvenience.

Less tools

Communication and collaboration tools from different vendors require separate licensing and maintenance costs. In addition, in some cases, employees may use different tools or different versions of the same tools, which defeats all attempts to organize collaboration. UCaaS brings together all business communications tools on a single platform.

Quick Setup

Instead of spending hours setting up videoconferencing, instant messaging, SMS, collaboration tools, and phone services for each user, with UCaas, the team can focus on getting the job done.


If a company has a staff of remote employees, it makes sense to take care of the security of terminal devices. If employees use multiple means of communication, there is even more cause for concern. With UCaaS, encryption and other security measures are taken care of by the provider. In addition, UCaaS platforms enable on-demand and real-time monitoring of system usage.


Whether a company needs to hire 100 new employees, open a new store, or build a new office, setting up a traditional phone system, load balancing with existing carriers, and providing employees with other means of communication is a major challenge for in-house IT staff. Growing a business with UCaaS means that a communications solution is immediately available to new employees with Internet access.


Many UCaaS solutions have a modular structure, which allows you to avoid unnecessary costs for unused tools, as well as to personalize the solution as much as possible according to the needs of the client.

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