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UCDaaSDesktop as a Service 


This cloud product, also known as DaaS, provides a virtual desktop for remote workers to interact and work over the Internet.  

Licensed on a per-user or per-use basis.

The UCDaaS system allows employees working from home to better interact with each other by connecting them remotely as if they were next to each other.


UC.Technology as  service provider provides 24/7 customer support. 

UCDaaS subscriptions address complex, troubling management and security challenges on an ongoing basis, allowing customers to truly focus on what matters most: productivity and profits.


4 Reasons Businesses Are Moving to Connected Workplaces

From the end user point of view, nothing changes. They simply turn on their system and connect to the service. When you sign in, all of your organization resources open up right in front of them. It has everything: tools, software, and other productivity apps they all need to work effectively and efficiently.

UCDaaS will also help reduce costs by not only consolidating overhead, maintenance, and security, but also saving the organization the cost of dedicated hardware and systems. 

The DaaS window includes only work-critical elements, helping to separate your employees daily work and home lives, regardless of the device they access the service on.


Types of DaaS

There are two different implementation types of Desktop as a Service.

Whenpermanent desktopyou or your employee can customize and save interface settings. This way, when your employees log in, they have simplified access to the software and any related resources they need. At the same time atunstable desktopall content is erased at the end of a work session, allowing multiple workers to access the same environment, effectively becoming a shared cloud service.

UCDAaS is not VDI.  Desktop as a Service relies on an underlying Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) that uses virtual machines to run the cloud desktop OS (operating system), but it is managed by the service provider. Essentially, a virtual desktop is provided to your workers through a cloud connection.


UCDaaS - Desktop as a Service provides:

Business continuity

Your information and data are simultaneously backed up on multiple servers located in different locations. The loss of data related to natural and even man-made disasters is practically impossible.


Data is encrypted and secured by the host service provider, software is automatically updated, and password management can be pre-set, eliminating the worry of remote worker misselection and its impact on the bottom line of the organization.


Complicated and costly maintenance of hardware and software is no longer a problem, as the provider handles all aspects of the server side within the subscription fee.

capacity on request

Companies can scale coverage as needed, even increasing service availability to better support the addition of temporary staff or peak seasonal demand.


Users can log into UCDaaS from virtually any Internet-connected device and from virtually anywhere.

Reduced overheads and total equipment cost

UCDaaS eliminates the need for costly investments in hardware, software, and maintenance by replacing these costs with periodic all-inclusive subscription costs. Areas where UCDaaS can help reduce the overall cost of IT equipment include but are not limited to:

  • Help desks: Help desk staff can resolve issues remotely without being tied to a physical device.

  • Desktop Servicing: With the ability to access desktops and applications using BYOD devices or thin client,  staff saves time and effort on servicing company-purchased devices.

  • Shared work: OS patching, desktop infrastructure maintenance, finance, and application delivery are simplified with Desktop as a Service.

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